Social Media Advertising

It’s ok to admit if you’re not any good at marketing or advertising on Social Media. You’re right. You probably aren’t. You’re busy managing other aspects of your business… and that’s ok.

If you’re not on social media, you are missing some great opportunities to engage with a new audience. But more importantly… you’re missing out on the vast wealth of demographic marketing strategies to find YOUR target and convert followers into paying customers.

Our packages include your very own dedicated Social Media Specialist that will increase your brand recognition, develop an effective strategy and use it to grow your business while creating higher conversion rates and profits.

Our numbers have gone up every month for over 2 years. Not just leads, but paying customers! These guys know what they’re doing. Way worth the money.” – C. Davis | Plano, TX
Brand / IdentityWord of mouth can travel much greater distances when more people know what you and your company have to offer. We will help you gain more relevant followers and build the right social media strategy that will turn clicks into conversions.
Engage / InteractWith the huge number of social media users and the amount of screens being used on a daily basis, it has never been easier than it has today to connect with your followers.  We will actively engage with your target audience and build relationships with your future customers.
Conversions / SalesOur social media campaigns and strategies will actively drive traffic to your website by reaching your target audience in a much greater capacity. This will create more leads and ultimately earn your company more sales of your products and services.

Platinum Package



per month


  • 1 Social Media Platform
  • Dedicated Social Media Specialist
  • Setup/Audit of Social Media
  • Weekly Targeted Advertising
  • Use of Stock Images
  • 1 Custom Splash Page
  • Detailed Monthly Reports


Black Package



per month


  • 2 Social Media Platforms
  • Dedicated Social Media Specialist
  • Blog Setup / Integration
  • Setup/Audit of All Social Media
  • 2x Weekly Content Publishing
  • 2x Weekly Targeted Advertising
  • Use of Stock and Custom Images
  • 2 Custom Splash Pages
  • Detailed Monthly Reports

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